Bitter Pill also produces and creates theatrical presentations. In 2016 we started with a staging of The Songs of Billy Butler at The Players’ Ring Theatre. In 2018, we presented William Shakespeare’s violent, bloody, grotesquely, ridiculous abomination of a play, Titus Andronicus Musicus with original and traditional music also at The Players’ Ring. This production gave birth to our debut record, Prepare Your Throats.

Currently, we are developing a new play with music, Children of the Grim, a neo-gothic musical staging of original and traditional children’s stories, nursery rhymes, and folk songs. It had its workshop premiere at The Players’ Ring Theatre in May of 2022. Bitter Pill uses classic story-telling, puppetry, circus, and music to create a unique theatrical experience. Stories and songs from 17th century nursery rhymes, Mother Goose, Brothers Grimm, Kafka and Kipling as well as brand new original tunes. Children of the Grim is a sardonic alternative to the usual sugar-coated children’s theatre and the Bitter Pill ensemble is just weird enough to engage macabre children of all ages.

Children of the Grim

photos by Ben Kramer

Titus Andronicus Musicus