Casting Call for “Children of the Grim”
Producer: Bitter Pill
Director: Bitter Pill

Bitter Pill is back at the Players Ring Theatre with a brand new theatrical presentation for the first time in four years since their bloody successful production of William Shakespeare’s, “Titus Andronicus Musicus” in 2018.

“Children of the Grim,” is a neo-gothic musical staging of original and traditional children’s stories, nursery rhymes, and folk songs. Suitable for macabre children of all ages, Bitter Pill uses classic story-telling, theatre, multimedia, and music to create a unique theatrical experience. Stories and songs from 17th century nursery rhymes, Mother Goose, Brothers Grimm, Kafka and Kipling as well as brand new original tunes. “Children of the Grim” is a sardonic alternative to the usual sugar-coated children’s theatre and the Bitter Pill ensemble is just weird enough to engage all ages.

Show dates are May 13 – June 5, 2022 at The Player’s Ring, located at 105 Marcy St, Portsmouth, NH. Show times are Friday and Saturdays at 7:30pm. Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30pm. This show will be performed live on stage in front of a masked audience (or as per the most up to date CDC guidelines)
Pay is equal cut of box office.

Youth Actors (any gender) ages 10-16 with great storytelling abilities.
Adult Actors (any gender) with multi-hyphen skills – puppetry, circus, instrumentalists, and other special performance abilities. This is NOT a requirement.

Everyone is encouraged to audition.

Please note that singing is not a requirement for this project. If you do sing, please let us know.

Monday, November 15. Call-backs will be on Wednesday, November 17.

An audition appointment is mandatory and proof of vaccination will be required.
To schedule an audition, please email your headshot and resume to
If you cannot attend in person you may submit a video audition.

A video of a classic story or fairytale (1-2 minutes). We encourage you to get creative but it is not required. If you sing, play an instrument at any level, or have any other skills please send that as well.

2021 Live from the Plague

Heyo Pill Heads! Things are busy here at the Bitter Pill headquarters as we start gearing up for a beautiful season of outdoor shows all over NH. Our first being May 1 in Rochester, NH at our good friends Ben and Sarai Kramer’s farm. If you’re interested in coming reserve your spot now. Best way to keep up to date is to get on our mailing list or follow us on our Facebook page or at Bandsintown.

We haven’t played together since September 2020. When the first warm day in March came, we were finally able to do some musical distancing. We spent the long cold winter writing like mad and went right to work testing them out in the backyard of our lair. Here is a sneak peek into the deus ex musica of songwriting.

Lots of new music coming your way!

We love and miss you and we’re looking forward to seeing you all really soon.


The Pandemic Session

We did a live session masks and all for a tv thing back in June and we’re excited to share the videos with you! We even played a brand spankin new tune, “When I Am Gone.”
Mixed and mastered by Chris Chase at The Noise Floor in Dover, NH. Video shot by Eric Ott from HIFI Spin Solutions.


Desperate Times Indeed

Been a while since we posted something here. There are many many socials now and it is hard to keep up. Especially, as an diy indie band and especially especially, in a world were the bugs are now in charge. But here we are.

We lost all our gigs and had to cancel planning a tour to support our new record,”Desperate Times on the New Hampshire State Line,” (aptly named last summer) and were in the process of mixing it down when the virus exploded and the world stood still. We rely on live shows to pay for studio time, touring support, gear, etc. We had just finished laying down the tracks in February and were scheduled to mix and master in March. Good thing about mixing is it can be done by one or two people in the room. We were able to get that done in early March. We ran out of money, however. But through the magic of the internet (and Bandcamp) we were able to do presales, which helped pay for everything else – mastering, duplication, distribution, etc.

We couldn’t have a show to celebrate (and sell CDs and merch!) so we had to get creative. In May, we did a series of livestream listening parties on our socials from our respective homes over three weekends. That turned into two months of episodes where we will played a few tracks, talk about the songs, mused, got weird, and interviewed other bands we admire.

Other than a short live session we recorded for WMUR Channel 9 in June (which will be broadcast on Friday July 31 at 7pm!), we haven’t rehearsed or played together since going into the studio first weekend of February and it has been tough emotionally and artistically. We are a tight-knit group. My daughter (Emily Butler) and I lead the band and I hadn’t been able to be in the same room with her since the quarantine started. Plus, she is a healthcare worker and that adds another layer of anxiety. There are other members of the band who have partners with compromised immune systems so getting together to play as a band wasn’t an option. That is changing. We are now booking small outdoor shows for August and September and approaching these live performances with a tremendous amount of caution. We have lots of “musts” before we will show up but we are optimistic. For now anyway.

I imagine that it will take more than just “opening up” the world again. There will be global PTSD – literally billions of people who will be suffering the emotional and mental effects of this pandemic. Even if the big bad bug dies forever, it is going to take a long time for people to feel comfortable coming out to mass gatherings again. Meanwhile, we will continue to stay connected to our fans by what ever means we can.

Buy our new record, “Desperate Times on the New Hampshire State Line” or stream it on all the streams.


Thank you for reading. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and spend money on local bands.


NH->BRKLN and back again. Had a blast recording our straight-to-vinyls today with Delaney at the @leestavall studio. Thanks for all the love internets!
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